National Taichung Theater

Online reading and Application

Let's appreciate the theater's beauty together, discover its details and hear its story.

NTT currently provides guided tours only in Mandarin.

  • Guided tours

    The theater uses a personal device system for tours. Each tour guide wears a device and microphone and each visitor wears a device and earphones. This allows the tour guide to lead the visitors throughout the theater, strolling about freely but hearing the content clearly.

  • Booking process

    Registration is available through reservation or upon arrival. Take your ID (identification card, health insurance card, driver's license, etc.) to 1F Customer Service Counter to check in. Then depending on numbers, you will receive your devices (and headphones), which must be returned after the tour has finished.

  • Beginning the tour

    No more than 50 people can participate in any given tour.

    (Because of spatial constraints, if there are more than 25 visitors, then the tour will be split into two different tours with the same content but a different sequence.)

  • Tour fee and special needs

    Scheduled tours: 100 NTD/person

    Children’s tours: 100 NTD/person

    (For the above tours, those with a NTT’s Taichung Card , proof of residency in Taichung, and Taichung City school groups can attend free of charge.)

    Night tours: 100 NTD/person

    (For all tours, those with disabilities and their companions -limited to 1 person-, or who are 65 years, and older can enjoy a 50% discount when they register with proper identification.)

  • Tour length

    60 minutes

  • Tour types

    Scheduled tours Night toursChildren's tours

  • How to book
    • (1) Online booking

    • (2) Onsite booking

      • 1.

        Participant limit: At least 10 places will be saved for onsite bookings. If fewer people register online, more people will be able to register onsite. If online booking is full then a waitlist of up to 10 people will be created.

      • 2.

        Booking time: After the theater opens, booking and registration opens for that day's tours.

      • 3.

        Booking location: 1F Customer Service Counter

      • 4.

        How to Book: Every day after the theater opens, the 1F Customer Service Counter registration for that day's tours also begins. One place per person.

      • 5.

        Cancelation: Please cancel at least 30 minutes prior to the tour.

      • 6.

        • Onsite registration

          Please report to the 1F Customer Service Counter with your ID (identification card, health insurance card, driver's license, etc.). If you report to the spot 5 minutes late for your tour, your booking will be cancelled and waitlisted visitors will be given your place. Please be on time!

        • Waitlist registration

          Please go to the 1F Customer Service Counter at the tour time. A public announcement will be made as to how many people off the waitlist will be accepted. The waitlist will be called in order. Please have your ID (identification card, health insurance card, driver's license, etc.) ready. If your number is called three times and not claimed, then you will be skipped for the next person on the waitlist. Please be on time!