National Taichung Theater


The National Taichung Theater takes promoting performing arts as its central mission.As a public cultural venue, it is also responsible for holding free cultural activities and incubating creative cultural brands.

It irregularly curates visual arts exhibitions at the Tutu Gallery on the fifth floor.
In addition, it enables people to listen to the music and read performing arts magazines and related books for free at the Art Corner on the first floor.

In the era of design, it provides design goods through less than 5% of its space.
Besides giving young creative brands the chance to be seen and be supported, beautiful designs are also realized in everyday life, enriching the spaces of the National Taichung Theater.

Art Corner1F

Live Forever Foundation extends its exhibition spaces for the first time, cooperating with National Taichung Theater to create an unique space for arts and culture.

Combining the three areas of humanities, arts and ecosystem together, the foundation provide a space for people to appreciate, read, contemplate and think.。

This space of arts corner gathers various arts and cultural books as well as multifunctional audio-visual equipment, encouraging people to explore the many facets of arts. It also connect visual art with performing art and regularly hold series of exhibitions in addition to arts and cultural activities, bringing Taichung the whole new side of arts.

Spatial planning╱CHEN Tian-zhu


VVG School1F

This place is an organism. Living clothing stores extend the facility's design to the familiar.

This space is surrounded by water, positioning famous brands and promoting the exchange of designs while incubating young brands.



Good Design Taichung

And what exactly is Good Design?
Design is a verb for your life.
Through imagination, consideration,
observation, composition of every aspect of life,
we can discover what makes for Goode Design.

VVG Joy Reading

Constant reading isn't only a good design.
It is a sustainable method for a good life.
Though reading, we construct our thoughts.

MT Cultural Creativity

Form this local connection,
everyone can study, understand, exchange,
and develop an organic platform or creativity.

  • Zhang Jialin's Painted Saxophone Shop
    Zhang Jialin's
    Painted Saxophone Shop

    In Taiwan, ZHANG's store has been manufacturing saxophones for 70 years. The painted saxophones are to commemorate ZHANG Yanhe's creativity, who passes on an enriched and colorful life to future generations.


    ZINIZ takes today's manufacturing techniques to create now versions of historical goods. Antiquity meets fashion in this old and new fusion that is sure to appeal to taste.

  • Charming Choice
    Charming Choice

    This store's decades of experience has brought innovation to the tea industry. Passing on knowledge, local friendliness, and an emphasis on culture, this grassroots store present it's superior tea.

  • MIYEN Jewelry
    MIYEN Jewelry

    The name MIYEN is derived from part of the tow inventor's names. Thought life's sensation and perceptions ou can feel jewelry's creativity.

  • Bai Er Tea
    Bai Er Tea

    This store's name comes from the common saying. “Healthy people can live 120." Bai Er takes tradition and adds a creative gene to provide the customers with a nutritious, relaxed, and healthy experience.

Makers Boom

When talking about object,
there is a new focus on the "makers".
When start with the essence of the object:
it's purpose, it's story, it's conception,
and the understand it's concerns.


    Music boxes help you search your heart and carefully convey your intentions.

  • Mogu Design
    Mogu Design

    Mushroom, or mogu, has a spirit unafraid of risk, as does the Mogu Design, which is dedicated to providing eco friendly products.


    This brand represents a simple and inherited spirit. It brings yoU glasses made from great materials.

  • Dainty Food
    Dainty Food

    Dainty Food has been creating delicious and nutritious snack foods for many years. 100% of the products are made in Taiwan. in addition to high quality, the strive to bring you creative new snacks following the trends of foods from around the world.


2010 Taipei International Flora Exposition Floral Design International Grand Prize winner, Lamech Design, has been inspired by NTT to create and design a futuristic aesthetic for the NTT.


VVG Labo1F

Coffee is a science. Precise measurements allow for keen perception.

And a rich taste allows for an extensive knowledge of our premium coffee. Follow our pursuit of true love through scientific rationality.




White is blankness and anticipation for other colors.

Searching for the object’s basic features, its functions and prototypes that come with nature, there comes the fundamental aesthetics.

Choose stage props in life that are practical, wonderful and all wrapped in pure white. They represents different nature and organics.



VVG Books Play5F

In addition to food and clothing, a good life is all about the details and one's taste.

So enjoy VVG's carefully crafted selection of books, art, design, and styles, including life products, antiques, props, Hirota Glass, Matsunoya products, PUEBCO, Good Things, 33 and 1/3 Records Store, and many more. Together these brands will help you maintain the beauty of life while thinking of deep, delicate, and timeless ideas.



VVG Food Play5F

Food has the magical power to use flavors to bring out emotions.

The fantasy is staged on the dining table. We know your desire to eat delicious food and to hear sweet words. Let the narrative of your dining experience unfold, with emotional climaxes and adventure after adventure. Enjoy this theater of a feast.

Afternoon Tea╱15:00~17:00


VVG Can Play6F

The fresh taste of sardine, shellfish, octopus, shrimp and tuna from Portugal, Spain and Japan is preserved in oil and salt against time.

Served with hot rice from Taitung, it is a real gourmet!