National Taichung Theater

Joyce Chiou Being Announced as the New Executive and Artistic Director of the NTT

2018 /06 /01

On June 1, 2018, Ms. Joyce Chiou was announced the leader of the National Taichung Theater’s (NTT) as its new Executive and Artistic director. As a well-experienced performing arts producer and manager, Ms. Chiou has an impressive track record on arts production, curation and management, all with an outstanding presence at the international scene.


Prior to her new position at the NTT, Ms. Chiou served 12 years as the executive director of Taiwan Philharmonic (a.k.a. National Symphony Orchestra, NSO), during which time she had successfully fostered NSO from a national orchestra into an internationally acclaimed one. She had also adopted a case-proven method of actively involving the Philharmonic in all sorts of social, educational and civic activities, as well as bringing NSO to many well-received international tours for the first time. Her expertise also lies in forging international partnerships, as she currently also serves on the boards of the Alliance of Asia-Pacific Region Orchestras and the Federation of Asian Cultural Promotion.


Based on her proven success in arts production and management, Ms. Chiou’s current focuses in leading NTT are to enhance its local connections and voice NTT’s strong presence to the world, making NTT and Taichung City a strong artistic force in the Asian performing arts front.


In making NTT a theater for arts and a new lifestyle at both domestic and international scenes, Ms. Chiou envisioned transforming the NTT into the center of artistic lifestyle to all NTT visitors, by allowing NTT to become a place of creativity and a nurturing ground for cultural endeavors. For artists, NTT will serve as a platform of facilitating cross-disciplinary and cross-cultural collaboration, supporting artists to expand their creative imagination and ability, as well as growing their full potentials .


Developing educational programs for beginners in the arts profession is another important challenge the NTT will take on. Ms. Chiou sees that programs such as internship and on-the-job training can substantially help beginners to make marked improvements in their professional knowledge and ability. Thus, an experience pass-on system will be established by providing students with hands-on courses to develop their articulation styles and skills. Through the above efforts, Ms. Chiou aims to make NTT a vital performing arts production and talents building center.