National Taichung Theater

The National Taichung Theater Epidemic Control Announcement

2020 /02 /15

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In response to the outbreak of Novel Coronavirus (also known as COVID-19 or Wuhan Coronavirus) epidemic, National Taichung Theater has enacted the following precautionary measures for all visitors and staff with immediate effectiveness:

Besides the daily cleaning and disinfection, intensive and 75% alcohol-based sanitizer cleaning will be carried out on hourly bases for areas such as, elevator panels, water machine panels, floorings, railings and handles, tables and chairs. Where people will most likely to get in contact with.

All staff of the NTT and stores is subject to temperature screening upon entering the theater, and wear face masks on duty.

Upon entering the theaters in the NTT, audiences are subject to temperature screening. If temperature is above 37.5 degrees, the audience will be asked to wear face mask and seek medical attention immediately, and the ticket will be refunded accordingly without any fee charged.

Forehead thermometer and alcohol-based hand sanitizers are available at the information counter on the ground floor.

CDC advises as follows:
Healthy individuals do not need to wear face masks at all times.

With the following conditions, wearing face mask is suggested:
* Having respiratory symptoms
* Having chronic diseases
* Being at crowded and inadequately ventilated spaces

During epidemic prevention and control, the NTT sincerely asks for everyone’s cooperation and assistance to ensure a safe environment and well-being for all visitors and staff.

For more information, please visit the CDC website at, or call the Epidemic Prevention Line 1922.