National Taichung Theater

Before Act One: Getting Ready to See a Show

2016 /09 /22

A gentle reminder: Watching a performance should be a relaxing, enjoyable experience. Just give yourself ample time, wear something comfortable and presentable, and then go and enjoy the show!

Theater enthusiast Sophia likes to dig deep before each performance. Not only does she study the plot and all its characters, she will look up past productions of the performance and read out the cast list. She believes that her research helps her follow the story and the emotions it conveys.

Jacob, on the other hand, likes to keep it casual. His only reference material is the program, which he skims through when he arrives at the theater, and as a result every turn of events in the performance is a surprise to him.

It doesn’t matter if you are Team Sophia or Team Jacob. There is no right or wrong way to appreciate a performance. It’s up to you how or what kind of preparations you make before a show. Just like watching a movie adapted from a book, some people prefer to read the original work before watching the adaption, while others prefer to go straight to the movie. You can enjoy it either way.

Now, when you should arrive for a performance? Ancient theater originated as a form of ritual, a social event where people gathered and participated. Today, concerts and theaters alike should also be seen as a ritual-like event that is respected and enjoyed by all. It doesn’t require a hairdo or an evening gown, but it’s best to wear something that’s comfortable and presentable. Give yourself ample time so you can arrive at the venue, find your seat, and relax yourself before the performance begins. Of course, if the inevitable happens and you are late, please follow the usher’s instructions—they will show you the appropriate time to enter the theater and take your seats quietly.

To ensure an enjoyable, memorable visit:
- Arrive on time. We recommend coming early so you have time to enjoy the scenery, visit the shops, read the event program, and find your seats.
- Wear something comfortable. We don’t have a dress code, but you should dress appropriately.
- If you are late for a performance, follow the ushers, who will show you the next moment to enter the theater. Try not to disturb other audience members when you are guided to your seat.