National Taichung Theater

2020 NTT-TIFA The Nordic Beasts The Ultimate Battle

45 minutes without intermission 
Date and Time
2020/3/27 Fri. 19:30 ; 2020/3/28 Sat. 14:30, 19:30 ; 2020/3/29 Sun. 14:30 
Ticket Price

45 minutes without intermission.

The performance requires audience to wear 3D glasses during the performance.

This performance contains coarse language. Audience discretion is advised.

Performed in English with Chinese surtitles.

Suggested for ages 9+


The Nordic Beasts

The Ultimate Battle


A work by the Finnish dancer and choreographer Noora Hannula, The Ultimate Battle is inspired by dating simulator games and animé, with hologram technology developed for the 4D Box in The Culture Yard in Elsinore, Denmark. As Noora discovers her boyfriend is flirting with a virtual character named Soma, she enters the virtual realm herself to seek out her romantic rival, culminating in a dance-fight between flesh and code, the real and the virtual. As the line between virtual and real worlds becomes increasingly blurred, if even the realm of love is infiltrated by virtual humans, are we still our own masters?

Creative and Production Team

Noora Hannula, Choreographer and Dancer


Noora Hannula is a Finnish choreographer and dancer who works as the artistic director of The Nordic Beast. She has choreographed her own work since 2011 and started her career by winning prizes for best choreography in 2012 with her solo work: White noise in Belgium and in 2013 with the duet Buy My City in Amsterdam. Noora’s talent is well recognized that her dance piece got selected to the program of the Internationale Tanzmesse NRW 2016, in Düsseldorf. Mostly focusing on the issues in digital era including online identity, digital love, and intimacy merging with the technology, she studies the influence from social media to self-identity, of which she developed her works of SoMe SERIES, and first piece of Digital Love Trilogy, Noora Hannula V.S. Soma The Augmented-Reality Girl - The Ultimate Battle. Noora gives workshops in various dance establishments nationally and internationally, and is a regular guest teacher at danish theater and physical theater educations.



The Nordic Beasts


Founded in 2017, The Nordic Beasts is a dance theatre group that aims to produce, facilitate and support high quality Nordic dance theatre. A Nordic Beasts production can be characterized by an eye-catching visual style, physically merciless choreography and themes reflecting on the digital age, often served with a hint of absurdity. The group aims to be a dance company that keeps on exploring new ways for making dance theatre and creating platforms, while tackling contemporary topics in an innovative way.


The group is a Nordic cross borders dance theater group that operates under the artistic direction of choreographer Noora Hannula (FI), and it has currently seven collaborative artist members: Julie Rasmussen (NO), Elín Sígny (IS) Sophia Mage (DK/US), Ida Duelund (DK), Helena Wilhelmsson (SE), Belinda Larsen (DK), John P.G. Jónsson (IS), and Loraine Dambermont (BE).



| Production Team |

Concept, choreography and dancer: Noora Hannula (FI)

Story consultancy and 3D animation direction: Petter Madegård (SE)

3D Technical director and Animator: Belinda Larsen (DK)

Technical Director of The Culture Yard: Nicolai von Rose

Music and Sound design: Ida Duelund (DK)

Motion captured dancer: Helena Wilhelmsson (SE)

VFX & Animator: Ida Hove-Kreutzfeldt

VFX & Animator: Ida Hove-Kreutzfeldt

2D motion graphics: Søren Meisner (DK)

Light design and technique: Hackstage production company and John P.G. Jónsson (IS/GE)

CG Generalists: Lasse Smith (DK) and Casper Arp Knudsen

Voice actors: Jonas Preben Jørgensen, Noora Hannula, Ida Duelund and Helena Wilhelmsson

Script: Noora Hannula and Petter Madegård

Dramaturgy and script worked in collaboration with: Joshua Rubin (US) and Klaus H. Frederiksen (DK)

Costumié: Sophie Bellin-Hansen

Props: Jon Geltin

The piece is co-produced by The Culture Yard, Bora Bora, and Click Festival, and supported by Danish Arts Council, Nordic Culture Fund, Koneen Foundation (FI), The Danish Composers' Society and Knud Højgaards Foundation.


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