National Taichung Theater

2020 NTT-TIFA SU Wen-chi╳YiLab. Lighting in Process-WAVE∞ Lab

Tutu Gallery 
Date and Time
2019/12/21 ─2020/2/16 Daily except Monday 11:30─21:00 
Ticket Price
Free Admission  

 Lunar New Year Opening Hours

*1/23 (Thu.)1/24(Fri.) Closed

*1/25 (Sat.)1/27 (Mon.) 11:3018:00

*1/28 (Tue.)1/29 (Wed.) 11:3021:00


We are enveloped in the invisible waves – sound, light, electricity, which somehow carries us to the realm of the immense imagination. The new-media and performance artist SU Wen-chi transforms the cave-like Tutu Gallery into an abstract space, inviting audience to feel and observe how human perception is kinetically linked with the moving sounds and sparkling lights around us. In the play between light and sound, as we may experience in the project-in-progress Lighting in Process-WAVE∞ Lab, our perceptive relation with the installation no longer depends on its immediate interaction but becomes an evocative and poetic path toward a fascinating universe.   

Creative and Production Team

| Production Team |

SU Wen-chi

Ryoya Fudetani

YEH Ting-hao


WU Ping-sheng

LIAO Chi-yu

CHANG Hwei-ming

CHIU Chao-tsai

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