National Taichung Theater

d’irque & fien.Carrousel des Moutons

60 minutes without intermission 
Date and Time
7 / 16 Sun. 14:00、16:30 
Ticket Price
300 / 400 / 500 

This program is recommended for those 4 and older

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Un voyage tantôt poétique, tantôt plein de surprises. Malicieux, facétieux, Dirk, acrobate et jongleur, en pyjama, s'amuse de tout. Presque imperturbable, Fien, la musicienne, le suit dans ses délires, l'accompagnant au piano même lorsque l'instrument se met à tourner et à se dresser à la verticale. Délicieux.Télérama


Carrousel des Moutons offers a beautifully cohesive presentation of a very simple idea. A perfect balance of simplicity and magic, weaving physical comedy, acrobatics, live music and a sweet story into an exquisite little circus package that is both age-appropriate and ageless.—The Sydney Morning Herald


Un spectacle sans parole et subtil.—France TV Info


A boy in striped pajamas is going to appear in his dream; meanwhile, a girl is playing the grand piano beautifully during his bedtime. Gradually, the piano transforms into a carousel rotating in the air. Everything seems to go crazy when the impossible becomes possible! The audience is invited to the dreamland through the performers’ heads, where they are free to discover their thoughts and fantasies.

Wordless and filled with wonder, Carrousel des Moutons is a fascinating mix of circus, acrobatics, tumbling, extraordinary balance and appealing piano music from world-renowned performing duo, Dirk Van Boxelaere and Fien Van Herwegen that attracts all ages with its comic character and powerful circus skills. Moreover, it sweeps across numerous arts festivals around the world, such as the Melbourne Festival and the Festival OFF d'Avignon. Undoubtedly, this is a show conjuring a splendid world that will leave children and adults speechless.


d’irque & fien

D’irque & fien consists of the circus artist Dirk Van Boxelaere and the pianist Fien Van Herwegen. After his studies at Ésac (École Supérieure des Arts du Cirque) in Brussels and L’Ecole National de Cirque in Montreal, Dirk and his colleague Matt Ledding created a duo show that combined the direct interaction of street theater and technical circus art, called “Tobe2”. They changed their nomad life for organized festival tours all over the world between 1997 and 2001.

In 2005, Dirk met the pianist, Fien, whose piano playing stimulated him to refine his techniques and keep his mouth shut. Their first duo show Oh Suivant  was performed in festivals and theatres of Europe and Asia because of non-spoken subtle simplicity. Carrousel des Moutons is the natural evolution of d’irque & fien created in 2010. Their latest creation Sol Bémol was first presented in 2014.

Creative and Production Team

d’irque & fien, Production
Dirk Van Boxelaere & Fien Van Herwegen, Creation and Performers
Léandre Ribera, Artistic Adviser
Alain Reubens, Music Composition
Monique Jacobs & Roos Pillards, Costumes
De Beule Technics, Machinery
Jan Bosschaert, Illustration
Nicolas Charpin, Stage Technician
Bram Waelkens, Lighting Technician


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