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90 minutes with no intermission 
Date and Time
2017/9/22(Fri)19:30 | 2017/9/23(Sat)14:30 
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*This program is recommended for those 6 and older.

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Nobody can remain indifferent before his art, Israel is different, is incomparable.


His own body is not flamenco: it turns into flamenco. 


He does not deserve less than to be compared with Picasso, Nijinsky or Escudero. Since he has found in fragmentation, deconstruction, deformation of lines, and in the use of internal and external stimuli, the transmission channel of such a complicated thing.


Daringly innovative ... cunningly contrived yet wholly natural, with none of the clichés of flamenco ... like Astaire, his art is uniquely satisfying.


To call Galvan a brilliant dancer is like saying Einstein was pretty good at physics.



In flamenco as in all arts, historians, specialists and critics progressively defined the reference periods that they have called the Golden Age. The Golden Age of Flamenco, corresponds to a period running from the end of the 19th century to the first third of the 20th century. This Golden Age made particular reference to singing and dancing, guitar would still take many years to establish its true value.

From the concert with David Lagos, a singer who treasures with care the singings from golden ages, and Alfredo Lagos, a guitarist from Jerez, birth town of flamenco, Israel Galván attaches himself to references tracking the normal approaches and pushes away ‘Age’ profiting just from the ‘Gold’, one gold in the present day, there just under our eyes, in front of our senses.

Featured Artists

Israel Galván

Israel Galván

Choreography and Dance

David Lagos

David Lagos


Alfredo Lagos

Alfredo Lagos


Creative and Production Team

Choreography and Dance Israel Galván

Israel Galván was awarded the National Dance Prize 2005, “Creation” section, by the Culture Department of the Spanish Government, for “his capacity to generate a new creation in an art such as flamenco without forgetting the real roots that have sustained it to the present day and that make of it a universal genre". In 2012 he was honored with the New York Dance and Performance Awards for an Outstanding Production (“of a work that stretches the boundaries of a culturally specific form”) and the Fine Arts Medal awarded by the Council of Ministers of Spanish Government.

He joined the Compañía Andaluza de Danza in 1994, directed by Mario Maya, and this was the beginning of an unstoppable career that would bring him the most important awards in flamenco and dance.

In 1998 Israel premiered ¡Mira! / Los Zapatos Rojos, his first creation. Praised by all the critics as a stroke of genius, it was effectively a revolution in the entire conception of flamenco shows. Then he has presented productions such as La Metamorfosis, Galvánicas, Arena, La Edad De Oro, Tábula Rasa, Solo, El Final De Este Estado De Cosas - Redux, Israel vs Los 3000, La Curva and Lo Real/Le Réel/The Real, for which he received 3 Premios Max de Teatro (awards) in May 2014: best dance production, best choreography and best male dancer.

His last creations, TOROBAKA, with choreographer and dancer Akram Khan, and FLA.CO.MEN, were both premiered in 2014.


Vocals David Lagos

David Lagos was born in Jerez de la Frontera in 1973. At the age of ten, he set foot on the stage for the first time accompanied by his brother Alfredo Lagos. His work as a solo singer, was recognized at the Seville Biennial 2002 with the Prize for the best Artist Revelation.

Currently, he participates in shows such as Arena by Israel Galván and in La Francesa by Pastora Galván, premiered at the 2006 Seville Biennial, in which he participated with Merche Esmeralda, Manolo Marín and Manuela Carrasco.

In 2007 he was again awarded by critics at the Festival de Jerez, as the best singer in the back, for his participation in the show 'Juncá' by Mercedes Ruiz, in which he is also in charge of writing all the lyrics. In 2014, he is the winner of the prestigious ‘Lámpara Minera’ award of the Festival de la Cante de las Minas de La Unión (Murcia). In March 2015, he received the 'Acompañamiento al Baile' award for his participation in the performances Ella by Mercedes Ruiz and Fla-co-men by Israel Galvan at the Festival de Jerez 2015.


Guitar Alfredo Lagos

Alfredo Lagos is for many critics one of the most complete guitar players on the current scene, with a guitar vision that combines sensibility, creativity and technique: "the Jerez school combines perfectly with the most avant-garde tendencies of the instrument National of flamenco ".

Among the many projects, album recordings and collaborations, the album Aire, one of the most popular albums of flamenco history, is worth mentioning. This will take you to countless theaters, from the Royal Albert Hall in London to Royal Theater of Madrid. From there to today, he is and has been a regular companion to cantaores such as Miguel Poveda, Arcángel, Rocio Marquez, Argentina, David Lagos and more names from a heterogeneous list.

In his own words, Alfredo Lagos has worked as a "chamber musician" of the dancer Israel Galván, with whom he has worked on many of his productions, being very acclaimed La edad de oro.

He has been awarded with several prizes, among them "Best Accompanying Guitarist" and "Guitarist Revelation" in the "Flamenco Today" awards of the specialized critic.

Choreography and Dance/ Israel Galván

Vocals/ David Lagos

Guitar/ Alfredo Lagos

Artistic Direction/ Pedro G. Romero

Sound/ Pedro León

Lighting/ Rubén Camacho

Tour Manager/ Amparo Hernández

International Distribution/ Dietrich Grosse – Mondigromax

Production/ Cisco Casado - A Negro Producciones

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Alfredo Lagos Guitar

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