National Taichung Theater

2018 NTT-TIFA─Christian Rizzo / ICI—CCN Montpellier 《AD NOCTUM》

60 minutes without intermission 
Date and Time
4/14 Sat. 14:30 4/15 Sun. 14:30 
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※60 minutes without intermission

※Suggested for ages 12+

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Christian Rizzo / ICI—CCN Montpellier


Le chorégraphe prolonge son amour du mouvement, avec un spectacle mettant en majesté une danse de couple inédite et inventive.

Une autre histoire surgit ensuite telle une image de lanterne magique à la beauté déroutante.



In 2013, following the successful run of d’après une histoire vraie, a change took place in Christian Rizzo's style. His works began to feature a clean and empty stage, allowing the bodies of the dancers to better stretch and extend. Objects that were placed on the stage were there to implement a dialogue with the dancers and became part of the performance.

The main impetus of this project was Rizzo's desire to bring together iconic dancers Julie Guibert and Kerem Gelebek. It is a tribute to darkness, which draws from the vast repertoire of “ballroom dancing”. AD NOCTUM is a choreographic quest aimed at restoring visibility to patterns derived from folk dance. There are whirling cycles, nervous bursts and restraint. Next to the dancers, a totem/monolith combining light, sound and images joins in as a third protagonist with a language all its own.

Featured Artists

Christian Rizzo

Christian Rizzo

Choreography, Stage Design, Costume Design, Light Objects

Creative and Production Team

Christian Rizzo, Choreography

Born in 1965 in Cannes, France, Christian Rizzo took his first steps as an artist in Toulouse, where he started a rock band and created a line of clothing before studying visual arts at the Villa Arson in Nice. From there, serendipitous encounters led him to the stage.

In the 1990s, he performed with numerous contemporary choreographers and created soundtracks and costumes. Since 1996, he has presented over 30 productions, including performances and dance pieces, alternating with projects or commissions for opera, fashion and the visual arts. He teaches in art schools in France and abroad, as well as in institutions dedicated to contemporary dance.

In January 2015, Rizzo took over as Director of the Centre Chorégraphique National de Montpellier, which has been renamed ICI (International Choreographic Institute). In this capacity, he supports a vision of creation, training, artistic education and openness to the public. In 2017, Christian Rizzo was invited to be the curator for December Dance of Concertgebouw Brugge in Belgium. He has also been invited by National Taichung Theater (Taiwan) to serve as curator of the 2018 NTT-TIFA.

Choreography, Stage Design, Costume Design, Light Objects / Christian Rizzo
Dancers / Kerem Gelebek, Julie Guibert
Light Design / Caty Olive
Original Music / Pénélope Michel and Nicolas Devos (Cercueil / Puce Moment)
Additional music / Arvo Pärt
Artistic Assistant / Sophie Laly
Costume Realization / Laurence Alquier
Technical Direction / Thierry Cabrera
Images / Iuan-Hau Chiang, Sophie Laly
Dance mat graphic design collaboration/Michel Martin


Special Thanks


Coproduction l’association fragile, le lieu unique - Scène nationale de Nantes, TU-Nantes - scène de recherche et de création contemporaine, Centre de Développement Chorégraphique Toulouse/Midi-Pyrénées, Les Spectacles vivants - Centre Pompidou - Paris, Centre chorégraphique national de Tours (dans le cadre de l’accueil studio), LUX - Scène nationale de Valence, Festival de Danse Cannes, MC2: Grenoble

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Christian Rizzo Choreography, Stage Design, Costume Design, Light Objects

Christian Rizzo
Photo Credit_Mario_Sinistaj