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Schaubühne Berlin X Complicité Ungeduld des Herzens (Beware of Pity)

In German with Chinese subtitles 
※120 minutes without intermission
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Schaubühne Berlin X Complicité  

Ungeduld des Herzens (Beware of Pity)


Adapted from the novel Ungeduld des Herzens (Beware of Pity) by Stefan Zweig



Simon McBurney of legendary British physical theater company Complicité collaborated with Schaubühne Berlin to create this adaption of the novel Ungeduld des Herzens (Beware of Pity), by Austrian-Jewish writer Stefan Zweig, who is considered a 20th century literary master.


This is an in-depth exploration of compassion. A young soldier, Anton Hofmiller, discovers that Edith, the daughter of a rich landowner, is paralyzed. He showers pity on her. But, this turns out to be dangerous as Edith mistakes his actions for love. Their relationship turns to tragedy as Hofmiller is unable to free himself from it. Sinister undertones emerge as the question of whether compassion is the other side of cowardice and egoism is explored. In this production, McBurney transcends the boundaries of language, creating a symphony-like arrangement of sounds, actors, and images.

Creative and Production Team

Director/Simon McBurney

Simon McBurney is an actor, writer and director, as well as the co-founder and artistic director of Complicité. He is adept at making use of the human body, objects, puppet theater and multimedia elements to create intense visual effects. Having been named the first British Artist Associé of the Avignon Festival in 2012, he has been invited to prestigious performing arts festivals around the world. Recent theater directing credits include The Encounter and Shun-Kin. He has also acted in films including Body of Lies, The Last King of Scotland, The Golden Compass and Harry Potter series and in BBC television dramas.



Co-producer/ Schaubühne

Schaubühne was founded in Berlin, Germany in 1962. Since 1999 its ensemble cast of full-time actors has been led by artistic director Thomas Ostermeier. This theater company’s works are of diverse styles including new forms of dance and musical theater with the search for contemporary and experimental theater language a unifying element. They cover a broad range from classic dramatic works to contemporary plays. At the same time, Schaubühne serves as an international performing arts platform as it invites collaborations with world-renown directors. Every year, this theater company puts on more than 100 performances at arts festivals and in theaters around the world.


Co-producer/ Complicité

Based in London, Complicité was founded in 1983 by Annabel Arden, Fiona Gordon, Marcello Magni and Simon McBurney, its current artistic director. It has been described by The Times as “the most influential and consistently interesting theatre company working in Britain.” Having won more than 50 awards, Complicité is focused on re-interpreting theater classics and often carries out collaborations with artists from across disciplines and cultures, staying close to its roots as a collective and its spirit of collective enquiry. Complicité is also well known for integrating multiple elements such as images, suspension, music and sound effects to bring new life to classic works.

AuthorStefan Zweig

DirectionSimon McBurney

Co-DirectionJames Yeatman

Stage DesignAnna Fleischle

Costume DesignHolly Waddington

Lighting DesignPaul Anderson

Sound DesignPete MalkinBenjamin Grant

Video DesignWill Duke

DramaturgyMaja Zade

ActorRobert BeyerMarie BurchardJohannes FlaschbergerChristoph GawendaMoritz GottwaldLaurenz Laufenberg、Eva Meckbach

A Schaubühne and Complicité co-production.


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