National Taichung Theater

Mechanical Opera Gulliver's Dream

50 or 60 minutes without intermission 
Black Box 
Date and Time
7 / 27 Fri. 11:00 15:00 19:30 │ 7 / 28 Sat. 11:00 15:00 19:30│ 7 / 29 Sun. 11:00 15:00 19:30 
Ticket Price
Kids’ version $450; Full version $600 
Kids’ version: 50 minutes without intermission; suggested for ages 6+. 
※ Full version: 60 minutes without intermission; suggested for ages 16+. The footage contains nudity.

※ Performed in German with Chinese surtitles.
 Please note that latecomers may not be admitted into the auditorium until a suitable break in the performance. Please kindly follow the instructions of the NTT staff.
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A production like no other – performed by animated marionettes.

Machinery, marionettes, and opera are the elements of this amazing space journey.

Following the Big Bang, there came the Milky Way, black holes, space debris and vast constellations. Gulliver sets out on a space voyage to study unknown and mysterious life forms.


“I fly, I fly, I fly, ”

“I see light ”

The inspiration for this production is Jonathan Swift’s work, Gulliver’s Travels. For the 18th century scientist Gulliver, the sea is an infinite universe. As he navigates the oceans, he has one amazing experience after another.


In this 21st century adaptation of this story, Gulliver pilots a spaceship to navigate the vastness of outer space. He visits the planets of Lilliput, The Immortals and Ravens. During his travels, he faces numerous challenges and strange obstacles. From these experiences, he begins to find the answers to his questions about life and the universe.

 To create Gulliver’s Dream, artistic director Roland Olbeter made use of automated machinery to control specially made marionettes. They are lifelike, but also of childlike imagination. Music is recorded by ten opera singers and 10 robot musicians. This is a futuristic and light time travel opera.

Creative and Production Team

Roland Olbeter, Idea and Director
Roland Olbeter was born in Hannover, Germany, but has lived in Barcelona, Spain since 1986. He has been trained academically in the violin and has worked as a naval engineer. Later, he became interested in theater and opera productions, sound effects and automated mechanical installations. He has worked closely and for a long time with La Fura dels Baus, which is also based in Spain. He designed the major element of the opening ceremony of the Barcelona Olympic Games in 1992.

His work is technically sophisticated and unusual from the standpoint of visual art in the world of theater, and in his art works he is focused on the creation of impossible objects. Olbeter has more than 15 years of experience in designing electroacoustic musical instrument performances for art festivals and museums. He has collaborated with Spanish artist Marcel·lí Antúnez Roca, who is well known for his mechatronic performances and robotic installations. Olbeter worked to develop five types of animated musical instruments to perform the chamber opera for soprano and string quartet Orlando furioso, with music by German contemporary composer Michael Gross.

Idea and Director / Roland Olbeter 
Composer / Elena Kats-Chernin 
Video / Esterina Zarrillo 
Puppet Sculptor/ Nico Nubiola 
Puppet Manipulation / Kike Blanco 
Musical Director and Producer / Carlos Fesser 
Sound Conception / Urbez Capablo 
Lighting Designer / Cube, Bz. 
Lyrics translation/SOUN Su-ming 
Narration translation/Kevin CHEN 

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