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Feng Shen Bao Bao Troupe The Little Deputy of Sun Dynasty 2

125 minutes including one intermission. 
Date and Time
7/21 Sat. 14:30, 19:30│ 7/22 Sun. 14:30  
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※Approximately 125 minutes including one intermission.
※Performed in Mandarin and Taiwanese with Chinese subtitles. Following each performance, there will be a fan meeting. All are welcome to participate.
Suggested for ages 3+
※Please note that latecomers may not be admitted into the auditorium until a suitable break in the performance. Please kindly follow the instructions of the NTT staff.

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Following 2017’s Sunny, the Boy Officer, the Feng Shen Bao Bao Troupe and Jay yeh have come together once again.

The Little Deputy of Sun Dynasty 2 presents the most compassionate power in the entire universe.

Adventure and Compassion – Fantasy Experience, the Sequel to Sunny, the Boy Officer

A boy attempts to save his younger sister from an army of monsters. He heads for a monster kingdom, Qing Chao, where has been forgotten in the history book. This  Sunny the Boy Officer has much compassion for supernatural beings no matter if they are big, little, gods or spirits. His mission not yet completed, he wanders in this monster kingdom.

In The Little Deputy of Sun Dynasty 2, it appears a very peculiar creature, a cute cat-like girl named Wumei. She wants to go to the legendary Tower of No Oddness to search for her father. But, she accidentally enters Temple of Thousand Cranes where she encounters dangerous and difficult challenges. Could it be that she is the lucky star everyone has been hoping for? Can Sunny, who has had a bumpy journey of fate, and Wumei, who has been cursed, repel the dark power and save this kingdom?

Sunny and Wumei use the simplest and purest powers and rely on their wit, resourcefulness, courage and compassion to reconcile with the darkness and bring light to every corner. This production stimulates the imagination and curiosity of children of all ages through its exploration of a different world!

Sunny the Boy Officer’s Song

I once had enough warmth,
To last a century.
I hope for light to illuminate the world,
And undo the toughest knot.

Wumei’s Song

My heart is the blue sky.
Every day, I ask and ask.
My heart twinkles and shines, that is because of good fortune.
Even if I walk through the darkest of places.
I still remember,
I can fly in the light.
I still remember,
I am the most sincere child of the king of the universe.

Written by Jay yeh

Creative and Production Team

Feng Shen Bao Bao Troupe

Established in 2012, the Feng Shen Bao Bao Troupe is the first children’s theater troupe in Taiwan to combine traditional Taiwanese opera with the modern drama. Its members are young and enthusiastic and have all been professionally trained. In addition, they have martial arts and other special skills, as well as experience in traditional Taiwanese opera, Beijing opera, dance, modern theater and martial arts. Troupe leader CHEN Chao-hsien comes from a theater family. This troupe hopes to help children fall in love with traditional dramas to allow traditional performing arts to naturally become part of their lives.

Creative Team 

Founder / CHEN Sheng-Fu

Art Consultant / CHAO Tzu-chiang, SUN Tsui-feng

Chief / CHEN Chao-hsien

Director / HSU Po-ang

Original Author / Jay yeh

Screenwriter / NI Jui-ting

Stage Design / WANG Chen-hua

Light Design / WU Ting-chin

Costume Design / Beijing Baorong Baoyi Media Co. Ltd

Music Design / JUO Shr-yau

Traditional Tune ComposerCHIANG Chie-hsing

Stage Supervision /  KUAN Chia-ju

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