National Taichung Theater

Revenge of the Prince: The Dragon Rises & The End of Revenge

Traditional Arts Performance
Performed in Taiwanese with Chinese subtitles 
App. 195 minutes, including one intermission 
Grand Theater 
Date and Time
10/20 Sat. 14:30 Part I - The Dragon Rises │ 10/21 Sun. 14:30 Part II - The End of Revenge 
Ticket Price

App. 195 minutes, including one 15-minute intermission.

Performed in Taiwanese (Hokkien) with Chinese subtitles.

Latecomers may not be admitted until a suitable break in the performance. Kindly follow the instructions of the NTT staff.

Suggested for ages 7+

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Ming Hwa Yuan Arts & Cultural Group has a history of 88 years and its chief playwright and director reproduces his original work as Revenge of the Prince to represent the indoor stage performance style of Taiwanese opera at the height of its popularity in indoor venues. This production is divided into two parts performed on two consecutive days and led by the unmatched male lead SUN Tsui-feng, the rare chou (clown role) talent CHEN Sheng-tsai and the popular xiao dan (young female lead) actress CHENG Ya-sheng through many thrilling and unexpected twists and turns. This is a performance that should not be missed!


Part I - The Dragon Rises

The emperor wants to have his royal tomb built, but heavy rains are hampering the progress. After consulting a hermit, he orders 300 maids to leave the palace, as “female” is related to the element of water. One maid is pregnant with the crown prince ZHAO Xiang’s child, who will be named QIU Gonghuan, and the crown prince’s wife HUA Yunong has her listed as among those who are to leave to protect her status in the royal family. The rain continues and this leads to the expulsion of ZHAO Lou, the emperor’s young grandson as “Lou” means “leak”. These two princes who share the same noble blood are raised outside the palace walls and their destiny has changed with different his own personalities.


Part II - The End of Revenge

At the palace, everyone is excited to watch as QIU lifts the red bridal veil. He is surprised to find the woman he loves, WEN Qingfeng, marrying his father the Emperor. QIU and his mother, full of resentment for being abandoned, seeks revenge on the Emperor and Queen HUA. New hatred is piled on top of old as QIU plots to get rid of the queen and forces ZHAO to join him in his quest for revenge.

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