National Taichung Theater

Romancing in the Moonlight

Drama、Traditional Arts Performance
Performed in Taiwanese with surtitles 
170 minutes, including a 20-minute intermission. 
Grand Theater 
Date and Time
12/21 Sat. 14:30 | 12/22 Sun. 14:30 
Ticket Price

170 minutes, including a 20-minute intermission.

Latecomers may not be admitted until a suitable break in the performance.

Performed in Taiwanese with Chinese and English surtitles.

Suggested for ages 7+

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Set in Yilan of the 1940s, two of Beiguan music schools, Fu-lu and Xi-pi hold a grudge against each other over some trivial matter. YAN Yi-lang, the son of the leader of Fu-lu, falls in love with LIN Juan-juan, the daughter of the leader of Xi-pi. When YAN returns home from Japan, the couple is forced to face the vicious fighting between the two Schools.

With the annual temple festival approaching, both Schools happen to invite the same Taiwanese Opera Theatre Troupe, Shuang-yun-sheng, to perform in front of the temple. Through the troupe's presentation of, Love Lingers On and A Tender Heart, the stories reveal the romance between the two talented xiao-sheng actors of the troupe and verbalizes the love of the young couple.

Featured Artists

CHIU Kun-liang

CHIU Kun-liang

Director and Playwright

TANG Mei-yun

TANG Mei-yun





Creative and Production Team

CHIU Kun-liang, Director and Playwright

CHIU is a famous writer and a professor of theatre arts, who has held numerous leadership positions, such as Chair of the Department of Arts at the National Institute of the Arts, Principal of the Taipei National University of the Arts, Chairman for the National Theatre and Concert Hall as well as Chair of the Ministry of Culture Council. Important works include Romancing in the Moonlight, Red Flag, White Flag, Attabu, Story of Yi-Guan, Women in Fog, Story of Yi-Guan, and Blessed Prana: Rite in the Action of Arts in the National Taichung Theater.


TANG Mei-yun, Lead

TANG Mei-yun is a Taiwanese opera singer experienced in open-air, TV and theatre. She was the winner of the 16th National Award for Arts in 2012 and the 38th National Cultural Award in 2018. Professionally and holistically trained, TANG masters the skills of both singing and acting. She is praised as the “Hope of refined Taiwanese Opera.” In addition to refinement efforts, TANG has also made a bold attempt to harmonize western symphonies and traditional opera tunes, so as to create Taiwan's distinctive opera culture and fully show the beauty and creativity of multi-cultural integration.


Hsiao-mi, Lead

Having grown up in a family performing Taiwanese operas, she joined the E-sha Group at the age of 14. After gaining experience onstage, she became starred within the E-sha Group and was admired domestically and throughout the Southeast Asia in 1960s and 70s. Then she joined the performances of Taiwanese opera and inaugurated the second stage of her career. With her substantial training in stage work, Hsiao-mi is versatile in every genre of characters.


Tang Mei Yun Taiwanese Opera Company

The core mission of Tang Mei Yun Taiwanese Opera Company is “Preserving Traditions while Seeking Innovations” and to elevate traditional opera to the level of exquisite art. In addition to recruiting veteran actors in the field, the Company is also committed to promoting up-and-coming youngsters and fostering creative talent in Taiwan. Over the past 21 years, the Company has endeavored to produce well-orchestrated operas. The productions not only attempt crossover collaboration, but also infuse Taiwanese opera with meticulous programing. The Company aims to showcase the time-tested quality of Taiwanese opera while expressing the beauty and significance of diverse cultures.


Creative team

Director and Playwright / CHIU Kun-liang

Artistic Director and Producer / TANG Mei-yun

Executive Director / WU Ding-chian

Conductor / LIN Tien-chi

Costume Design / HUANG Wen-ying

Stage Director / WANG Shih-hsin

Lighting Design / TSAO An-hui

Image Director / WANG I-sheng

Performance instructor / CHEN Hsiang-chi

Composer / CHI Chun-ta, Chi I-ting

Vocal Composer / CHEN Hsin-han

Instructor of the female character of “plays within the play” in Beiguan opera / YANG Lien-ying

Music Arranger of “plays within the play” in Beiguan opera / LI Wen-hsun

Calligraphy / HSI Sung

Icon Sculptor / WU Jung-tzu

Still Photographer / TSAI Jung-feng

Performer / TANG Mei-yun, WANG Chin-ying, Hsiao-mi, TSAI Chen-nan, KO Yi-cheng,

LO Pei-an, LIU Hsiu-wen, WANG Tsan, CHEN Chu-sheng, YU Tz-yen, KUO  Yao-jen,

LU Chih-chieh, LI Wen-hsun, Tang Mei Yun Taiwanese Opera Company

Symphony Orchestra / Kaohsiung Chinese Orchestra

Commissioned by National Center for Traditional Arts

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CHIU Kun-liang Director and Playwright

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TANG Mei-yun Lead

TANG Mei-yun

Hsiao-mi Lead