National Taichung Theater

In Search of a Total Work of Art:Wagner’s Ring Cycle by La Fura Dels Baus

Sound Cave 
Date and Time
9/10 Tue. - 10/10 Thu. 
Ticket Price
Free Adimission 


Established in Barcelona, La Fura dels Baus excels in fusing artistic elements of different domains. By incorporating computer animations, mechanical devices, and acrobatics, the troupe exemplifies its strengths in the Ring Cycle by Wagner - presenting a classical masterpiece in a futuristic setting. The show has been staged at NTT for 4 consecutive years since it’s opening in 2016. The thought-provoking Ring Cycle, released 145 years ago, has not only triggered wide-spread discussions, but also become a benchmark program for opera houses and artists. La Fura dels Baus projects a visual spectacle to respond to Wagner’s musical splendor. The troupe’s contemporary interpretation of this creation myth ushers the audience into a fantastical realm.               

Before the final opera of the Ring Cycle, Götterdämmerung, is staged, NTT is pleased to invite playwright-director Hung Hung and composer Fang Yi Lin to deliver an in-depth commentary from the perspectives of theatre and music. In the themed exhibition at NTT, viewers will see past stage photos, stage models, costumes, and robotic arm models of the show, and participate in family interactive activities. In addition, special tours and lecturers will be offered for audience to gain further understanding about the unique aesthetics of the show.

Creative and Production Team


Curator /Hung Hung

Hung Hung is a poet and playwright-director of stage and film. Winning a WU San Lien Award, he is a productive writer in poetry, prose, critique, novel, and play. His poems were translated into Japanese and French. Hung Hung directed over 40 plays, operas, and dance programs. He was the lead curator of Taipei Poetry Festival, Free Tibet Festival, and New Taipei City Film Festival. He is Founder of Dark Eyes Ltd. and Dark Eyes Performance Lab.
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