National Taichung Theater

Venue Info

The National Taichung Theater is truly blessed.
Within this perfect building there are three custom-designed theaters and a multifunctional space -
The Corner Salon. And including the outdoor plaza, the outdoor theater, and the sky garden, this entire theater, inside to out, top to bottom, is a charming stage.


Grand Theater

The Grand Theater is a large, warm space that gracefully invites its audience to be moved together.

This red-themed theater is located on the second floor and features a total of 2007 seats: 1502 seats on its second level, 431 on its fourth level, as well as approximately 74 box seats. The design creates a spacious yet cozy environment, ensuring the audience's unimpeded field of view with a 3D curved construction and allowing our patrons to fully appreciate the theater's ambience. The seats follow the European style of 20 connected seats in a row and slope upwards between the first and second levels.
And every seat offers its ticketholder a comfortable temperature-controlled viewing experience.

Performance types Western operas, musicals, theater, dance, concerts


The Playhouse is ocean blue and a flexible, multifaceted space. Located on the second floor, it features 796 seats. The floor design cuts out the space between the stage and the audience, allowing for a fluidity in the use of the space, with irregular shape and depth ensuring unimpeded views. The layout gives the theater an intimate and flexible character, making the audience feel like they are in the middle of the action. In creating the space, modern performance techniques were taken into account, allowing the theater to redefine life.

Performance types Western opera, musicals, theater, dance, concerts

Black Box

The Black Box is located in the basement second floor with fixed space for 200 audience members and a free-form construction allowing for all types of experimental theater performances. Within the theater's black interior, there are two straight walls and two curved walls. Within the curved walls, people can experience a natural, cave-like sound and ambience. On one wall, once the door lifts, it can be linked to the Outdoor Theater, opening up both literally and figuratively to the other theater and creative possibilities.

Outdoor Theater

Covering 1000 square meters, the theater in the round design is overflowing with romance. With the surrounding transplanted trees, it becomes the very definition of a natural space. And with its link to the Black Box, it becomes a one-of-a-kind creative performance stage.

Corner Salon

Located on the first floor, this space is bursting with creative and philosophical energy, arousing the imagination. It is suitable for exhibitions, Salon lectures, and film screenings.

Performance types exhibitions, lectures, screenings

Sky Garden

This sixth floor venue is accessible via elevator and staircase. Entering the Sky Garden is like entering a different world. The space is perfect for outdoor concerts and outdoor screenings.

Performance types Outdoor concert, Outdoor Movies