National Taichung Theater

Venue List

Grand Theater

Basic Introduction

Located on the theater's second floor, the Grand Theater holds up to 2007 people. The entire theater is draped in a warm red color that provides an inviting and professional atmosphere to each and every audience member.

The seating layout was designed with the audience in mind, allowing every seat to have an optimal viewing experience. And under every seat is a vent ensuring a comfortable temperature for all. The entrance has been double soundproofed, reinforcing the already solid soundproofing that encompasses the rest of the theater. No detail has been spared in creating the perfect space to enjoy the arts.

Technical Summary

The Grand Theater boasts a proscenium-arch style stage. The outer frame is 18m (W) x 10m (H) and the inner frame can be adjusted from 18m-15m (W) x 11.5-11m (H), depending on the requirements of the performance. In front of the stage is an orchestra pit consisting of three levels. Using the pit removes 133 audience seats. A moveable light bridge means the pit can both sink down and be raised up to stage level so the theater is ideal for musical performances.

The stage is black wood, and the dimensions are 15m (W) x 15m (D) and made up of three identically sized platforms that be raised or lowered. The platforms can be lowered to B2 to load or unload cargo. On stage there are 56 automated pulleys and rigs and 18 manual ones. There are 2 automated rigs in the pit area and one lighting rig, while backstage there are 5 automated rigs. The automated rigs use a German BBH control system to raise and lower stage elements with sophisticated software that allows for precision and control. There are control stations on both sides of the stage and in the rear. On the upper right of the stage there is a platform 6m x 3m where the staging elements can be controlled. The green rooms are located on the right of the stage from the second to fourth floors. In total there are 15 different dressing rooms, which can hold up to 130 performers.

The lights use a Strand EC21 220V dimming system. Equipped with 498 loops, the stage has no fixed lights so every empty rig can be used to hang lights. Every light box has approximately 6 layers of light stands. There are two catwalks over the audience with a spot light room, and a total of 6 spot lights, including two on either side of the audience boxes at the uppermost level.