National Taichung Theater


For the conveniece of the disabled, National Taichung Theater has accessible ramps, accessible elevators, accessible restrooms and accessible parking spaces for use.


Handicap accessible toilets: Located on B2, B1, 1F, 2F, 5F

Handicap accessible elevator: Located on B2, B1, 1F, 2F, 5F, 6F

Handicap accessible ramp: B1 Parking Lot

Handicap accessible Parking Lot: B1

Number of Handicapped Parking Spots: 6


2.Disability Ticket (Only applicable to NTT-presented programs)

Free Tickets for the Disabled:

a. Disability seats and wheelchair seats are both available with two methods for collection.

i. Onsite:
Bring your disability documentation (the original copy and copies of its front and back) to the ticket center from Monday to Friday on the second week of every month from 11:30 to 21:00 and pick up tickets one month prior to the program for free.

ii. Online booking and ticket pick up:
Online Booking: Book tickets online from Monday to Friday during the second week of every month on NTCH Ticketing System’s NTT-presented program accessibility section. NTCH Ticketing System.
Pick up tickets: bring the original copy of your disability documentation to the ticket center and pick up the tickets at least an hour prior to the start of your program.

b. Disability Seats and Companion Seats:

i. Grand Theater: 30 seats (including 13 wheelchair seats, 13 companion seats, 4 disability seats)

ii. Playhouse: 20 seats (including 8 wheelchair seats, 8 companion seats, 4 disability seats)

iii. Black Box: 4 seats

c. Limited to one ticket per person per month (2 if escorted by a companion).

d. Those with a wheelchair ticket must enter the theater with their own wheelchair.

e. Please have your disability documents in order. Expired certification will not be accepted.

f. On the day of an event, if tickets have not sold out for theater-presented events, the disability (plus one companion) tickets will be available for free with proper documentation.

Discount Tickets Services: In order to encourage people with disabilities to enjoy the arts, a limited number of 50% discount tickets will be available for theater-presented events.

3. Wheelchair Rental

The theater has wheelchairs to rent for the elderly and those with mobility issues. Please contact the Customer Service Counter for assistance.

4. Accessibility Services

The National Taichung Theater is committed to providing accessibility to the handicapped and those with special needs. For assistance and information please contact us at (04) 2251-1777 or email us.