National Taichung Theater

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Basic Introduction

Located on the second level of the theater, the Playhouse is a deep, ocean blue color with a grand total of 794 seats. Below each seat is a vent for temperature control. The entrance has been double soundproofed, reinforcing the already solid soundproofing that encompasses the rest of the theater.

The Middle Theater reflects the flow of the entire building; with a versatile design that can be purposed for a variety of performance needs, it is a free and flexible space. From a proscenium-arch style stage to an open staging that removes the division between the audience and the performers, the diversified capabilities

Technical Summary

The Middle Theater is a proscenium-arch style theater, with an outer frame of 18m (W) x 9.5m (H),and an inner frame of 18m-12m (W) x 10.2-10m (H), which can be adjusted to suit the needs of the performance. There is an orchestra pit in front of the stage which displaces 94 seats when used. The pit can be raised to stage level. The stage can also be extended to reach the audience. Besides increasing the area of the performance area, it also provides a three-sided stage effect. Green rooms are on the right of the stage on levels two and three. There are six dressing rooms which can hold up to 50 performers.

The stage has a wooden, black floor and is 12m (W) x 12m (D). Backstage is 12m (W) x 6m (D). Above the main stage are 37 automated rigs with 13 manual rigs. There are 2 automated rigs over the orchestra pit, and one light rig. Backstage there are 5 automated rigs. All of the riggings use a German BBH automated control system which employs a sophisticated software allowing for precise and reliable movements. On both sides of the stage and in the rear there is a control booth and backstage there is a platform (6.8m x 3m) where the systems can be independently controlled.

The lighting uses a Strand EC21 220V dimmer system. Equipped with 356 loops, the stage has no fixed lights so every empty rig can be used to hang lights. To the left and right of the light boxes both sides can adjust to the adjustable stage frame. Every light box has approximately 6 layers of light stands. Over the audience are 3 catwalks with a spot light room with two spot lights.