National Taichung Theater

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Black Box

Basic Introduction

Located on the second basement level, the Black Box seats 200 and is a free-form black-box style theater. The free form allows for creative stagings and an intimate audience-performer connection.


On top of this, the space features unique sound holes and an ingenious design that allows it to connect to the Outdoor Theater when the soundproof door is opened. This design challenges creative minds with the increased possibilities within the performance staging and allows the audience to feel an amazing connection to the stage.


Technical Summary

The whole area (including stage and audience area) is 17m (W) x 17m (D) with a black, wooden floor. There are an automated rig, two light rigs, 8 free rigs, and a curtain rigging. The sides can be partitioned off via screens and curtains to create a proscenium style theater (with 200 audience members). Sections of the stage and seating area can be lifted up to create platforms. The space can also transform into a 3-sided stage (with 156 seats) or a 4-sided stage (with 168 seats) among other possible staging styles. The most special feature though is the ability of the soundproof door to open so that the stage connects to the Outdoor Theater. Besides breaking down the barriers between indoors and outdoors, it enriches the malleability of the performance.


The audience area has three staff areas. Above there are four light riggings. The lights use a Strand EC21 220V dimmer system with 122 loops and two track lights. There are green rooms on both sides of the stage and five dressing rooms that can hold up to 35 performers.