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Building a creative environment together
Innovating and developing a diverse artistic life

To make central Taiwan A Base for Reinvigorating the Arts, National Taichung Theater is striving to promote domestic and international excellence in the performing arts. Within this exciting new theater space, diverse creativity will develop artistic appreciation and the artistic community.

To spur the development of creativity, the theater is promoting its Artists-in-Residence Program. The theater provides resources, becoming a platform for dialogue, and fully backs the artist's process from conception to the final curtain.
We invite every type of performance artist to come, research, and create. They will work with the local community, bringing their own resources and inspiring local artistic energies, thereby expanding cultural horizons so that we all can enjoy a life filled with beauty.

2017-2018 Artists-in-Residence

Bulareyaung Dance Company/ Bulareyaung Dance Company,B.D.C.

A Taitung native, descended from the Paiwan indigenous tribe of Taiwan, Bulareyang is a choreographer whose name means "Happy Warrior". After graduating from Taipei National University of the Arts, he became a dancer with Cloud Gate Dance Theater. In 1998 Bulareyaung received the Asian Cultural Council's Performing Arts Fellowship to study in New York. In 2012 he was given the Ten Outstanding Young Persons in Taiwan Award. He has been commissioned by the Martha Graham Dance Company, Cloud Gate Dance Theater, and Cloud Gate 2 to create original choreography and has been invited to perform at such prestigious international events as the Vancouver Winter Olympics Arts Festival, the Lousiville International Arts Festival and the Jacob Pillow Dance Festival.

In 2010, when Bulareyaung took his final bow with Graham Dance Company in Lincoln Center, he suddenly felt that it would be most wonderful if he was taking final bows with his own crew. In 2014, he decided to fulfill his dream and returned to his roots in Taitung to establish the Bulareyaung Dance Company which celebrates indigenous culture. In the natural environment, they work together with the children of the tribe who enjoy dance and develop dance vocabulary from traditional movements.

Creative Experience
Since 1996 he has been a Cloud Gate Dance Theater choreographer and has many years' experience collaborating with Cloud Gate 2. Works include Corporal Mass, Formosa, Outing, UMA, Lily, Monday Afternoon 2;10, Prediction, Unfixed, Yaangad, and more.

In 2013, the Aboriginal Dancers Culture and Arts Foundation invited him to work on a story inspired by an Atayal young woman during Japanese colonial times which was a creative mix of music, theater, and dance called "Pu'in Searches".

In 2015, Bulareyaung Dance Company premiered "La Ke" which moved audiences in Taiwan and the Toronto Waterfront Festival. In this year, the dancers also worked in Taiwanese communities to develop engagement with tribal communities.

In 2016, the National Theater and Concert Hall commissioned "Qacilijay" which was performed at the National Theater and in Taitung.