National Taichung Theater

Q & A

    About Traffic

  • Does NTT have nearby tourist attractions?

    The following attractions are within 20 minutes of the theater: 

    Maple Garden (30 Chaofu Road, Xitun District, Taichung City)

    National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts (No. 2, Sec. 1, Wuquan W Road, West District, Taichung City)

    Qin Museum of Art (No. 71, Guanqian Road, West District, Taichung City)

    National Museum of Natural Science ( No. 1, Guanqian Road, North District, Taichung City)

    Tunghai University (1727, Sec. 4, Taiwan Blvd, XItun District, Taichung City)

  • Does NTT have a (tour) bus parking area?

    At the present, NTT does not have a parking spot for tour buses. Buses can unload at Shizheng North Six Road. Buses will need to find spots in neighboring parking lots.

  • Is parking a privilege to guests of NTT?

    See Parking Info for more details.

  • Does NTT have a parking lot?

    NTT has a metered parking lot with 254 parking spots. Besides this, Huimin Road has 306 free outdoor parking spots for scooters which guests can use. Because NTT has limited parking, we recommend public transportation.

  • How can I get to and from NTT?

    NTT has a parking lot, a bus stop, and a taxi stand. We welcome everyone to use public transport to come to the theater. Please visit our Transportation and Parking Info pages for details and maps.

  • How many main entrances does the theater have?

    NTT has 3 main entrances: Door 1 facing Huilai Road Section 2, Door 2 facing Shizheng North Second Road, and Door 3 facing Huimin Road.

    About Tours

  • Does NTT have English-speaking staff?

    Besides English-language services, we also have English versions of many NTT resources available upon request.

  • What languages are tours available in?

    Currently, there are only guided tours proceeding in Chinese.

  • Are there tours provided by the theater? How can a group sign up?

    Please see Tours: Apply online.

  • When are tour hours?

    Please see Tour Services for details.

    About the Venue

  • I lost something at the theater. Can you help me find it?

    You can call the customer service hotline at (04)2551-1777 for inquiries. Or come in person to the first floor service counter.

  • Can we store luggage with you?

    We do have a storage locker that can be used. Visit the service counter on the first floor for inquiries.

  • Can we bring pets into the theater?

    Due to sanitation and health concerns, pets are not allowed into the theater, though service animals such as seeing-eye dogs are permitted.

  • Does NTT have handicap accessible facilities?

    Yes. NTT has handicapped parking, ramps, elevators, handicap toilets and wheelchair rental services. For detailed information please see ­Accessibility Services.

  • Do you provide wheelchair or stroller rental services?

    Please go to the service counter on the first floor to ask for rentals.

  • Can I take photos in NTT?

    We welcome all to visit National Taichung Theater and experience the splendor of Master Toyo Ito’s work. We also welcome all to take photos and post them on the internet. Photo taking and videotaping for noncommercial use are allowed inside and outside the theater. Photo taking in the store areas displaying items for sale, however, requires the store’s permission first.

    Please apply first if photo taking or videotaping for commercial use is needed. Currently, the interior of the theater is not open for wedding shoots.

    In addition, without the presenter’s permission, photography, videotaping and recording are not allowed during a performance.

  • Where is the breastfeeding room? Do you provide diapers?

    Breastfeeding areas are located on floors 1 and 5. If you require disposable diapers or wet wipes please go to the first floor service counter.   

  • Are there services for the disabled/handicapped? To what extent?

    The theater provides guide service and service for the handicapped and audience members with mobility issues. For assistance please call the customer service hotline during theater hours or come in person to the first floor service counter to apply.

  • Can children enter the theater? Is there an age or height restriction?

    The theater welcomes children of all ages, though of course some programs are not suitable for all ages. Parental discretion is advised.

  • Do we need to wear formal attire to be allowed admission into the theater?

    Wearing appropriate attire is a sign of respect to the performers, while also respecting theater and international standards of etiquette.

  • Can we bring in outside food into the venue's non-performance spaces?

    This venue has specialty shops and dining facilities. The public can eat and drink in the public spaces that are not performance spaces, but we ask that you maintain a clean environment. Thanks for your cooperation.

  • Can we have picnics in the outdoor plaza area?

     This area is a commons for the public to enjoy and walk around and have a rest, but we don't recommend setting up picnics here. There are dining facilities in the theater. We welcome you to come inside and enjoy them.

  • Can we play in the fountain in front of the plaza?

    The fountain is a part of the landscaping. For sanitation and the safety of all, the fountain is not open for the public to play in its water. Apologies for this restriction.

  • What are the hours for the stores in the theater?

    Their hours are the same as the theater's except that VVG Can Play is open until 23:00.

  • What are NTT's hours?

    Sunday to Thursday: 11:30-21:00; Friday, Saturday and National holidays: 11:30-22:00